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11 February: International Day for Women and Girls in Science

Currently, women and girls face different types of barriers that hinder their presence in the scientific community. In order to achieve their full and equal participation in science, the United Nations General Assembly decided in 2015 to proclaim 11 February as the 'International Day of Women and Girls in Science'. 



The presence of women in certain scientific careers, such as physical sciences, continues to be much lower than that of men and, although the number of women in scientific positions has increased, the proportion of female professors and research professors is far from half. That is why it is important to promote scientific vocations among girls and to highlight the work of women in science.

"Every year at the IFCA we strive to prepare events such as the now famous IFCA Comic Competition and a series of talks at the Santander Athenaeum, both of which are aimed at highlighting and making visible the work of women scientists, increasing interest and promoting scientific vocations among young girls and eliminating gender bias and discrimination in these fields".

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