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Particle Physics and Instrumentation

High Energy Physics and Instrumentation

The IFCA Particle Physics and Instrumentation (PP&I) group participates in world-class national and international research projects, covering a rich spectrum of research activities.

We seek to understand the fundamental question in Particle Physics and contribute to the R&D and development of scientific instruments employing the forefront technologies.

Members of the group participate in teaching at UC at all levels, and we also provide joint programs of masters with other IFCA research groups. Two interuniversity masters (UC and UIMP) are currently available.

The group is actively committed to education and outreach activities for the public promotion of particle physics, and fundamental research in general.

Since its foundation, back in the 80’s, the group has participated in the major experiments of the field. Members of the group were actively involved in the CERN LEP DELPHI experiment, with a strong participation in Physics analysis. In the 90’s we joined the CDF experiment at the FERMILAB and participated in a broad program of physics analysis as well as in the construction and operation of the Time of Flight detector, included in the upgrade program of CDF. A major share of the PP&I group activities today is focused on the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS)  experiment at CERN. 

In connection with the ongoing experimental effort there is also a small but active theory group. The two main research lines are:  Experimental Particle Physics and Instrumentation and Particle Physics Phenomenology.


Group Projects

Theses from the Group:

  Since 2005

- Leo Galeta Alonso
Current Position: 
PhD Title (Year): Predicciones teóricas para la física de HIGGS en el LHC (2017)
Supervisor(s): Sven Heinemeyer

- Esteban Curras Rivera
Current Position: PostDoc UC 
PhD Title (Year): Sensores de silicio avanzados para futuros experimentos colisionadores (2017)
Supervisor(s): Ivan Vila 

- Rehman, Muhammad
Current Position: 
PhD Title (Year): Fenomenología de mezcla de sabor en modelos supersimétricos (2016) 
Supervisor(s): Sven Heinemeyer

- Jordi Duarte 
Current Position: PostDoc UC – PJAS CERN 
PhD Title (Year): Medida de la sección eficaz de producción de dibosones WZ A 7 TEV y 8 TEV de energía del centro de masas en el experimento CMS. (2014)
Supervisor(s): Iván Vila, Teresa Rodrigo

- Javier Brochero
Current Position: PostDoc CIEMAT
PhD Title (Year): Medida de la sección eficaz de producción de pares top anti-top en el canal dileptonico a sqrt(s)= 8TeV con el detecto CMS   (2014)
Supervisor(s): Celso Martinez, Luca Scodellaro

- Francisca Muñoz
Current Position: Faculty en Manchester University (UK)
PhD Title (Year): Estudio de nuevos sensores de silicio para experimentos en futuros colisionadores de partículas (2014)
Supervisor(s): Ivan Vila

-  Clara Jordá 
Current Position: Expedia (Ginebra)
PhD Title (Year): Medida de la sección eficaz de producción del proceso WW en colisiones PP a sqrt(s) = 7 TEV en el experimento CMS del LHC (2012)
Supervisor(s): Rocío Vilar, Gervasio Gomez

-  Rebeca González
Current Position: Faculty at Lund, Suecia 
PhD Title (Year): Búsqueda del bosón de Higgs del Modelo Estandar en el canal de desintegración H->WW´->2MUNU en el experimento CMS del LHC (2010)
Supervisor(s): Javier Cuevas, Teresa Rodrigo

-  Bruno Casal
Current Position: Faculty at Lund, Suecia 
PhD Title (Year): Medida de la sección eficaz de producción del quark single top y del elemento V_tb de la matriz CKM en CDF RunII (2010)
Supervisor(s): Alberto Ruiz

-  Bárbara Álvarez
Current Position: Ramon y Cajal – Universidad de Oviedo 
PhD Title (Year): Search for the SM Higgs Boson associated with a W boson using matrix element technique at the CDF detector at the Tevatron (2010)
Supervisor(s): Javier Cuevas, Rocío Vilar

-  Pablo Martínez
Current Position: Ramon y Cajal – UC
PhD Title (Year): Desarrollo y aplicación de algoritmos de alineamiento para la optimización de la detección de muones en el experimento CMS del LHC (2010)
Supervisor(s): Francisco Matorras 

-  Mar Sobron 
Current Position: International School, Geneva 
PhD Title (Year): Geometría del detector CMS reconstruída  con el sistema de alineamiento Link (2009)
Supervisor(s): Teresa Rodrigo, Celso Martínez

- David Rodríguez
Current Position: Investigador Hospital de Edimburgo
PhD Title (Year): Gestión y minería de datos de física de altas energías en el proyecto GROSSGRID (2007)
Supervisor(s): Jesús Marco

- Enrique Palencia
Current Position: Ramon y Cajal – Universidad de Oviedo
PhD Title (Year): Measurement of the ttbar production cross section in pp collisions at s=1.96 TeV using Lepton+jets events in CDF (2007)
Supervisor(s): Teresa Rodrigo, Gervasio Gómez

- Alicia Calderón
Current Position: Ramon y Cajal – UC
PhD Title (Year): Construcción, calibración y evaluación del sistema LINK de alineamiento del espectrómetro de muones del experimento CMS. (2006)
Supervisor(s): Francisco Matorras

- Jonatan Piedra
Current Position: Ramon y Cajal – UC
PhD Title (Year): Determinación de DELTA M_D y calibración absoluta del etiquetado de sabor para la medida de DELTA M_S,en desintegraciones reconstruidas completamente en el experimento CDF (2005)
Supervisor(s): Alberto Ruiz , Iván Vila

Group MembersÓNTAZÓNmailto:calderon@ifca.unican.es942206712S104UCExperimental HEP and Instrumentation;Particle Physics13 Y CAJAL PROFESSOR HEP and Instrumentation;Particle Physics105 STUDENT FERNÁNDEZGARCÍAmailto:marcos.fernandez@cern.ch942201459S121UCParticle Physics;Experimental HEP and Instrumentation32 PROFESSOR JOSÉFERNÁNDEZMANTECAUCExperimental HEP and Instrumentation;Particle Physics109 PERSONNEL HEP and Instrumentation;Particle Physics108 PERSONNELÍAFERRERO HEP and Instrumentation;Particle Physics35 STUDENT JAVIERGONZÁLEZSANCHEZmailto:gsanchez@ifca.unican.es942202087S101CSICParticle Physics;Experimental HEP and Instrumentation39 PERSONNELÓMEZ GRAMUGLIOmailto:gervasio@ifca.unican.es942206725S102CSICExperimental HEP and Instrumentation;Particle Physics38 PROFESSOR Physics Phenomenology;Particle Physics42 PROFESSOR W.JARAMILLOECHEVERRÍAmailto:jaramillo@ifca.unican.es942202087S101CSICParticle Physics;Experimental HEP and Instrumentation47 PERSONNEL


Group Publications provisioning in Science Clouds: Requirements and challenges2018-03-01T00:00:00.0000000ZSoftware - Practice and ExperienceLópez García Á. EFT and hybrid calculations of the light MSSM Higgs-boson mass2018-01-01T00:00:00.0000000ZEuropean Physical Journal CBahl H. of searches for heavy resonances decaying to WW, WZ, ZZ, WH, and ZH boson pairs in proton–proton collisions at √s=8 and 13 TeV2017-11-10T00:00:00.0000000ZPhysics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy PhysicsSirunyan A.

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