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Science and Technology Week

The Science and Technology Week is an informative activity that takes place simultaneously in scientific and educational institutions during the first two weeks of November. The Institute of Physics of Cantabria has been participating in this initiative since 2012 in collaboration with other research groups. 

The Institute of Physics of Cantabria participates in this event through these main activities:

- School visits to the Institute of Physics of Cantabria. Arranged upon request (via email) with the different schools in the region.
- Astronomical observations. In collaboration with the Astronomical Observatory of Cantabria (OAC), which opens its doors for this activity. The activity will be guided by the IFCA team.

Location: Institute of Physics of Cantabria, Astronomical Observatory of Cantabria (OAC), Auditorium and Faculty of Science of the University of Cantabria. *Other research groups from the University have recently joined the project.

Timetable: To be arranged with interested schools during the first two weeks of November. 

Objectives: The benefits that we aim to bring to society with this activity are:

- To stimulate the knowledge and dissemination of scientific activity and technological development in society in general.
- To promote scientific aptitudes and professions, especially among secondary school students, who may continue their education in university studies in the future.
- To inform the university community itself -students, administration and services staff and teaching and research staff- about the research being carried out at our University.
- To increase the level of scientific culture in society.
- To present scientific/technological activities in an attractive way.
- To promote creativity and innovation as key values in science and technology.
- To open new channels of communication between the university and society.
- To raise awareness of the importance of science and technology in the creation of wealth and social welfare.

More information on past editions can be found here.

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