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Talks at Ateneo Santander

The Institute of Physics of Cantabria and the Ateneo of Santander join forces to bring the scientific analysis of relevant aspects of culture to all kinds of audiences with independence and impartiality. Thanks to this collaboration, which has been maintained for years, a series of scientific conferences are planned to take place throughout this academic year on the second Wednesday of each month.

At this course 2019/2020, we will continue talking about leading scientific topics of various kinds, giving the seminars an interdisciplinary approach. Topics such as particle accelerators, climate change or the hottest and deepest Universe will be combined with some more basic ones, such as the transmission of love for science from the classroom. There will also be space to treat health with a talk about colon cancer or highlight the links generated between art and astronomy or between music and mathematics.

In addition, as from the year in which it was declared by the United Nations, the IFCA joins the activities around February 11 and the celebration of the "International Day of Women and Girls in Science" organizing throughout that month three talks given by renowned scientists both nationally and internationally.

We hope that these topics would be of interest to you and that we count on your presence for another year.

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