Corporate image

Institutional image of the Institute of Physics of Cantabria

IFCA staff will use these institutional image templates for the creation of all types of content in which the institute is involved.


Different official logos of the IFCA and of the institutions it depends on


         - Logotipo IFCA 25 Aniversario vertical: logo_IFCA_vertical_25Aniversario.png logo_IFCA_vertical_25Aniversario.pdf


         - Logotipo IFCA 25 Aniversario cartelería: logo_IFCA_carteleria_25Aniversario.png logo_IFCA_carteleria_25Aniversario.pdf

         - Logotipo IFCA 25 Aniversario: logo_IFCA_25Aniversario.png logo_IFCA_25Aniversario.pdf

- IFCA logo:     PDF     AI     EPS     SVG     PNG    PNG white     PNG transparent bg   

- IFCA inverted colors logo:     PDF     AI     EPS     SVG     PNG   

- IFCA logo posters:     PDF     AI     EPS     SVG     PNG    PNG white     PNG transparent bg   

- IFCA posters inverted colors logo:     PDF     AI     EPS     SVG     PNG   

- IFCA vertical logo:     PDF     AI     EPS     SVG     PNG    PNG white     PNG transparent bg   

- IFCA vertical inverted colors logo:     PDF     AI     EPS     SVG     PNG   

- CSIC logo:      EPS     PNG

- UC logo:      PNG     JPG

Maria de Maeztu logo: PNG   

Order of logos:

Always the order of presentation of the logos will be from left to right by order of importance of the institution to represent, for example:

IFCA - CSIC - UC - Maria de Maeztu

IFCA - MINISTERIO - CSIC - UC - Maria de Maeztu

       Meeting funds Zoom:
         Templates to be used as background for Zoom meetings or seminars. 

          AÉREO.png.     FACHADA.png.    MURO IFCA.png.     PHOTOCALL.png.    SALA REUNIONES.png


Powerpoint templates for IFCA presentations.


IFCA_template.pptx     IFCA_template.ppt     IFCA_template.odp   

Business Cards:

Business card templates for IFCA.

- Color Business card:     PDF     AI     EPS     SVG     PNG   

- B&W Business card:     PDF     AI     EPS     SVG     PNG   

Download different formats in one compressed file:            Tarjetas de

IFCA being a mixed centre of the CSIC and the University of Cantabria, its institutional image must respect the rules of the two institutions to which it belongs. Below are the links to this information:

These versions of the logos can be downloaded by clicking on this link:

  • Joint Centre with the combined effort of Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and University of Cantabria (UC)

    Instituto de Física de Cantabria
    Edificio Juan Jordá
    Avenida de los Castros, s/n
    E-39005 Santander
    Cantabria, Spain

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