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Particle Physics Master Classes

The 15th edition of Particle Physics Master Classes will be held on Friday, March 15, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., at the Faculty of Sciences and at the Institute of Physics of Cantabria. Organized by the Institute of Physics of Cantabria.

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Audience profile: Cantabrian High school students.

Recap: this activity takes place in IFCA. It belongs to several educational journeys promote by International Particle Physics Outreach Group. Students come to IFCA, where some researchers teach them about particle physics and measure methodology.

Next, students proceed to make real measures from Large Hadron Collider helped by researchers.

Finally, youngsters participate in a videoconference between Vilnius (Lithuania), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Torino (Italy) where other students groups are developing the same activity.

Registration: registration time lasts until 22 February, 2019 deadline. It's possible to registrate by e-mail here adding this INSCRIPCION_CLASES_MAGISTRALES_2019.pdf.

Enquiries: it's possible to send an e-mail to this direction: to contact us.

Update (2016): Several High-Schools joined the event such as IES Bernardino Escalante, IES Besaya, IES La Marina, IES Ricardo Bernardo, IES Santa Clara, IES Villajunco, IES Las Llamas, IES Saturnino de la Peña, IES Dr. José Zapatero Domínguez.

At nine o'clock, our Dean Francisco Matorras welcomed students.

After that, UNICAN professor Alberto Ruíz made an introductory speech about the Standard Model of Particle Physics and large colliders.

Next, IFCA researcher Jonathan Piedra explained youngsters the CERN experimental methods basis.

Using this knowledge, some students analized real data from LHC (CMS, ATLAS, ALICE and LHCB-).


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