Senior Program

The Senior Program is a program of the University of Cantabria, adapted to the European Higher Education Area, attached to the Vice-Rectorate for Degrees and Distance Learning.

It began in 2009 with the aim of making the knowledge accumulated and generated by the University available to the entire adult population. It is open to all those who have reached the age of 50, regardless of their previous level of academic training.

The UC Governing Council approved on July 22, 2015 the New Study Plan for the Senior and Senior Plus Program. The Plan consists of four academic courses whose training activities are compulsory subjects, elective subjects, invited subjects, monographic courses and academic trips.

All academic activities are related to subjects from a wide range of fields of knowledge: Humanities, Social, Legal and Economic Sciences, Experimental Sciences, Health and Environmental Sciences, Modern Languages, etc.

Among the benefits that the Senior Program can provide are the following:

  1. The continuity of learning and academic training throughout life.
  2. The expansion and updating of knowledge and technical skills.
  3. Enrichment of personal skills.
  4. The strengthening of intergenerational relationships.
  5. Active and healthy aging.

For its part, the IFCA offers the subject: The Bricks of the Universe and its Forces, taught by Alberto Ruiz Jimeno and Rocío Vilar Cortabitarte. 

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