Nonlinear Dynamics


We investigate nonlinear and stochastic phenomena in physical systems. Our approach is both theoretical/computational and experimental. Topics of our research include high-dimensional chaos, and effects of noise and fluctuations in physical systems. We are specially interested in generic properties of dynamical systems  where the (nonlinear) interaction between many degrees of freedom leads to complex collective behaviour. Our experimental research is focused on nonlinear effects in semiconductor lasers.


Our research is organized in two lines of research:

  • Nonequilibrium statistical physics and chaos: Our group carries out theoretical research in statistical physics and complex systems, including out-of-equilibrium  phase transitions, critical phenomena, disordered systems, high-dimensional chaos, and stochastic processes. We are interested in dynamical states, patterns, and complex structures that arise in a generic way from the nonlinear interactions among the individual components (particles, oscillators, neurons, ...) in physical systems.
  • Photonics: We study nonlinear effects in semiconductor lasers from the fundamental and applied points of view. Our research includes both experimental and theoretical studies of those systems. Our research is mainly focused on the nonlinear behavior of semiconductor lasers, in particular when they are subject to light emitted by another laser (optical injection) or by the same laser (optical feedback). Our aim is to use these systems to perform high-speed signal processing.


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