Numerical Challenges in simulations of lattice gauge theories

"Numerical Challenges in simulations of lattice gauge theories" by Michele Della Morte (IFIC - Valencia)

The conference will be held at IFCA (Sala de Claustros), on November 21, 2012, at 12:00 pm.

A selection of recent progresses in numerical simulations of lattice gauge theories will be discussed. In the first part of the talk the focus will be on the challenges related to the production of 'unquenched' QCD configurations. The programme requires large human, logistic and computational resources and it is pursued by several big collaborations in the world. In the second part new ideas will be discussed, inspired by the Field Theoretical aspects of the system, tackling and in some cases completely solving old problems such as the exponential noise to signal problem or the 'contaminations' from excited states."

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