Las mañanas IFCA & Machine Learning Journal Club con Steven Van Vaerenbergh: "Let's talk about GPT: A crash course in Generative AI"

Start date: 21/04/2023 12:30 End date: 21/04/2023 13:30

Let's talk about GPT: A crash course in Generative AI​:​

This talk delves into the extraordinary capabilities of the emerging technology of generative AI, outlining its recent history and emphasizing its growing influence on scientific endeavors. Through a series of practical examples tailored for researchers, we will explore the transformative influence of these powerful tools on scientific tasks such as writing, coding, data wrangling and literature review.

Steven Van Vaerenbergh is an Associate Professor in the area of Didactics of Mathematics at the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computing of the University of Cantabria. He holds a degree in Telecommunication Engineering and has published over 70 research papers on topics such as Bayesian Learning, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Mathematics Education, Teacher Training and Signal Processing. He believes that generative AI will have a profound impact on human creativity, productivity and innovation.

La charla tendrá lugar en la Sala Luis Pesquera del IFCA a las 12:30 y en streaming a través del canal de YouTube del IFCA​.​ Café previo a las 12:15.​

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