Las mañanas IFCA con Ippei Obata: "Axion searches ~current status and future~"

Start date: 30/06/2022 12:00 End date: 30/06/2022 13:00

"Axions are the hypothetical elementary particles with their small masses and tiny interactions to matter sectors, and they are known as promising candidates for the dark sector in our universe. To detect axions, a wide variety of experimental/astronomical approaches have been suggested, and most of them aim to search for the axion-photon conversion effects under the presence of magnetic fields. In this talk, we briefly review the current status of axion searches and present a new search method for axions without using external magnetic fields."

Ippei Obata is a theorist mainly working on the cosmological phenomena of axion physics. He got a PhD in Science at Kyoto University in 2018 and now he is a postdoc in Max-Planck-Institute for Astrophysics in Germany.

La charla tendrá lugar en la Sala Marie Curie del IFCA a las 12:00 y en streaming a través del canal de YouTube del IFCA.

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