Las mañanas IFCA con Giorgos Mountrichas: "The role of AGN activity and galaxy stellar mass in star formation"

Start date: 13/05/2022 12:00 End date: 13/05/2022 13:00

"It is widely accepted that AGN feedback, in the form of jets, radiation or winds, plays an important role in the life and evolution of the host galaxy. It still is, though, a matter of debate how SBMHs and galaxies interact with each other, despite their difference in physical scale. Observationally, a popular method to shed light on this question is to examine if there is a link between the star formation (SF) of the galaxy and the X-ray luminosity (Lx) of the AGN. The former is an indicator of the galaxy growth and the latter is a proxy of the AGN power. In this talk, I will present our results on the comparison of the SF of X-ray selected AGN with star-forming galaxies. We use data from three different fields (Bootes, COSMOS, eFEDS) and apply a uniform methodology that allows us to minimize systematic effects. These enable us to draw a picture regarding the location of X-ray AGN relative to the star-forming main sequence, in a wide range of cosmic times (0<z<2.5) and as a function of Lx (Lx = 1042.5-45 erg/s) and stellar mass."

Giorgos Mountrichas received a BSc in Physics from the University of Patras in Greece. He did an MSc in Astrophysics at Queen Mary, University of London and got his PhD at Durham University in 2008, in UK. Then he had a 2,5 years career break - mostly due to the compulsory military service. From 1/2011-10/2019 Mountrichas worked as a postdoc at IAASARS National Observatory of Athens, working with Dr. A. Georgakakis and Dr. I. Georgantopoulos and since 11/2019 he is a postdoc at IFCA, working with Francisco Carrera. Giorgos has 32 publications in refereed journals (MNRAS, A&A), 15 as a first author, 7 as a 2nd author and 4 as a 3rd author.

La charla tendrá lugar en la Sala Marie Curie del IFCA a las 12:00 y en streaming a través del canal de YouTube del IFCA.

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