AYA2013-48623-C2-2: J-PAS: Distant objects and structures

​Within this project we continued the exploitation of the data obtained in project ALHAMBRA and the design of tools for the nalysis of the forthcoming J-PAS survey. ALHAMBRA took over 10,000 images of different areas of the sky through 23 different filters, using the Calar Alto 3.5m telescope, creating a map of two square degrees over eight different fields, containing over half a million stars and galaxies. We have measured distances to all those galaxies, obtaining a three-dimensional map of the Universe around us. We have used this map to measure the large-scale structure of the Universe. We selected and analyzed particularly interesting or distant objects, and produced a second catalogue particularly devoted to red objects. J-PAS will occupy eight years of the new T250 telescope at Javalambre Observatory. It is ready to begin taking data with the Pathfinder camera, while the definitive JPCAM instrument is characterized. Our effort was aimed at the survey strategy: field selection, observation strategy, and production of analysis tools—specially based on our experience with ALHAMBRA.

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