AYA2012-31447: A multi-wavelength view of AGN and their host galaxies across cosmic time

​There is much evidence indicating that super massive black holesand the bulges of the galaxies where they reside grew roughlyat the same epoch in the life of the Universe.

With this project we wish to study the relationship between AGN, their host galaxies andthe star-formation activity, and their environment at redshiftsz~0-2.

We are using observations taken with the beststate-of-the-art astronomical facilities, including XMM-Newton,Herschel, Spitzer, WISE and the GTC.

We are studying theproperties of local and distant AGN and their host galaxies and theirrelation to their environments.

We are also conducting activities inpreparation for future astronomical missions we are participating in,namely, JWST/MIRI, ATHENA+, and SPICA/SAFARI.

  • Joint Centre with the combined effort of Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and University of Cantabria (UC)

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