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IFCA Science Week 2019

Science Week is an event of scientific dissemination and citizen participation that takes place simultaneously in scientific and educational institutions in the country. During two weeks of Novemberthis year from 4 to 17, activities, workshops and talks have taken place in order to bring science and research to the general public.

This initiative seeks to provide society with a series of benefits that include promoting scientific skills and professions, publicizing the research carried out in our center and stimulating knowledge of the scientific activity and technological development in society in general. The Institute of Physics of Cantabria participates in this initiative since 2012.

This year the following activities have been carried out:

- School visits to the IFCA - In the morning and previously arranged with different centers in the region through the University of Cantabria to visit our facilities. In these visits, the groups have been able to know all the research lines of the institute on different days through presentations of cosmology, particle physics and meteorology, and workshops about black holes and double pendulums. In addition, some of them have approached supercomputing by seeing the center that houses the Altamira supercomputer.

On this occasion, we have received groups from José del Campo, Jesús de Monasterio, La Granja, Las Llamas, and Villajunco, Bellavista and Antonio Robinet schools.

- Mercury Transit observation - The IFCA, together with the AstroCantabria Group, organized one observation of the Mercury transit that occurred on November 11. Dozens of curious people went from 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. outside the Juan Jordá building, to try to spot the shadow of Mercury passing across the Sun in spide of this cloudy Monday.

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