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More than 500 attendees participated in the I IPCC Interactive Atlas Webinar

The event, coordinated by IFCA, focused on Europe and received more than 600 applications for registration

21 March 2022

Last Friday took place the first regional dissemination event of the Interactive Atlas by the Task Group, TG-Data, of IPCC and coordinated by the Institute of Physics of Cantabria (IFCA, CSIC-UC), which brought together more than 500 participants live and recorded on IFCA's YouTube channel.

This is the first event in a series of regional online activities for the IPCC Interactive Atlas outreach and the climate change data that support the latest IPCC report. The webinar focused on Europe and was aimed at researchers and practitioners working in the climate field, selected from more than 600 registered participants.

The webinar started with a presentation by David Huard (TG-Data co-chair), Martina Stockhouse (IPCC Data Distribution Centre, IPCC-DDC) and Anna Pirani (Working Group I Technical Support Unit, WGI-TSU), members of the TG-Data group that supports all data-related issues in the IPCC climate change reports.

The 150 participants were then divided into 5 working groups according to language and experience in the use of the Atlas, where they were able to resolve, in a more personalised and practical way, their doubts about the tools of the Interactive Atlas, which allows them to visualise and download a large part of the data used in the latest IPCC report. Authors of the IPCC Atlas participated in this part of the event: José Manuel Gutiérrez (co-coordinator), Richard Jones (co-coordinator), Bart Van den Hurk, Emily Vanvyve, Irina Gorodetskaya and Maialen Iturbide, supported by members of the IFCA and the Dept. of Applied Mathematics and Climate Sciences. of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Cantabria, which also supports the Atlas, as part of the Spanish node of the IPCC Data Distribution Centre (DDC): Antonio Cofiño (IFCA), Jesús Fernández (IFCA), Javier Díez (IFCA-MACC), Josipa Milovak (IFCA), Jorge Baño-Medina (IFCA), Rebeca García (IFCA Outreach), Joaquín Bedia (MACC), Ana Casanueva (MACC) and Rodrigo Manzanas (MACC).

An example of the use of data in the Interactive Atlas:  

The TG-Data and the DDC

The working group that provides data support to climate change reports, better known as TG-Data, works together with the IPCC Data Distribution Centre, the IPCC-DDC, to facilitate both the availability of climate data and climate change scenarios, and to promote good practices on the correct use of these data. The IPCC-DDC is a federated institution supported by four international centres: DKRZ (Germany), CIESIN-NASA (USA), MetadataWorks (UK) and CSIC (Spain). For its part, the IFCA is coordinating the support of the Spanish node of the IPCC-DDC. 

In the context of this task, TG-Data together with IPCC Working Group I (WGI) have organised the European region webinar as their first formal outreach activity, included in the package of outreach activities linked to the results of the climate change report published in August 2021. Technical support for the 'webinars' is provided by IFCA, within its IPCC-DDC activities. 

The upcoming regional events will focus on Africa, South America and Asia and are planned, like the Europe webinar, as webinars, including interactive sessions and require pre-registration.

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