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IFCA participation in the Space Congress

The Space Congress is held in Madrid from October 9 to 10 in order to publicize the capabilities of the space sector in Spain, integrating its actors to constitute a forum for dialogue and sharing a common vision for the future. This meeting in which senior officials of the Ministry, personalities of the army and several companies, among others, intend to set the goals for the next years in the field, as well as to identify challenges and opportunities.

Enrique Martínez, scientific director of the María de Maeztu project at IFCA, has been invited to the round table entitled "Space exploration: from the solar system to the confines of the cosmos".

Space science is a sector that has transformed its transversality and its extraordinary capacity to transform society. Europe currently occupies a second place as a world space power after the USA. Spain is one of the countries that today are able to compete successfully in international markets, facing increasing challenges. The European Commission estimates the impact of space on the economy of the Union at 12%, which represents one of the great engines of economic growth in the coming years.

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