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IFCA at the European Researcher's Night

September 14, 2021

This scientific event will take place on September 24 in Santander and will be preceded by a cycle of online activities for schools
The Institute of Physics of Cantabria (IFCA, CSIC-UC) participates in the IX edition of the European Researcher's Night (ERN) that will take place in Santander next Friday, September 24. This year's program will be dedicated to the European Green Deal through a wide range of activities, most of which will revolve around environment and sustainability, and will be aimed at a large variety of audiences. ERN is a collaboration that offers citizens an approach to the world of science and research.

IFCA will attend, as every year, the stands at the Plaza de Pedro Velarde in Santander, where researchers from different areas will show methods and scientific results in a friendly way. Specifically, this year the Cosmology and Meteorology groups will show their work, presenting "Physics as you have never been told before":
- Viewing gravity:
"Using a gravity table we will be able to understand gravity as a deformation of space-time. In addition, we will explain how this deformation is the one that governs the movement of bodies. We will also see phenomena such as gravitational waves!"

- A portal to our climate futures: the interactive ATLAS of IPCC:
"During the summer of 2021, the latest IPCC report was presented: a document coordinated by the UN and prepared by the greatest experts in climate science from all around the world. The purpose of the document is to give an assessment of the current state of knowledge in climate change and, therefore, serve as a guide to different sectors of society in this area.  Santander Meteorology Group has participated actively in the development of this report. The main activity of the group includes the development of an ATLAS interactive in collaboration with the technology company Predictia. In this edition of the ERN we will do a demonstration on how to use the interactive ATLAS."

Various activities will take place in different locations in Santander and Torrelavega, including the Scientific Coffee. Participation will require prior registration, which will be free and accessible from today. The capacity will be limited to 50 people who will be able to enjoy the show "PHízate" (for all audiences) at 8:00 p.m., in the Pereda gardens amphitheater.

On September 20, 21, 22 and 23, a cycle of 12 talks and workshops will be held with schools throughout Cantabria. It is called "Circular Science" and is aimed at students in Primary, Secondary and Special Education. IFCA participates in this activity with several virtual games (Kahoots) about black holes, the Universe, galaxies and X-rays.

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