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CSIC launches the interdisciplinary thematic platform PTI+ Digital Science and Innovation

David Rodríguez and Diana Tordesillas, from IFCA, are coordinator and manager of the PTI+, whose mission is to build a network of researchers and companies working on digitalisation and innovation, to improve knowledge transfer to society

21 June 2022

The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) launched on Wednesday, 22 June, the Extended Interdisciplinary Thematic Platform Digital Science and Innovation (PTI+ Digital Science), with the aim of innovating in all areas of digital science and data lifecycle management, from planning, acquisition and processing to publication and preservation. The new platform provides a collaborative framework to promote multidisciplinary initiatives that seek solutions to specific problems in the private sector and public administrations.

The presentation of PTI+ took place on 22 June at the CSIC headquarters (C/Serrano, Madrid), and was broadcast on the platform's YouTube channel:

PTI+ Digital Science is coordinated by the researcher Cecilia Jiménez from the Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona (IMB-CNM, CSIC) and by David Rodríguez, from the Institute of Physics of Cantabria (IFCA, CSIC-UC), together with its manager, Diana Tordesillas, from the same centre. The idea of PTI+ is to integrate all the capabilities, technologies and knowledge of CSIC research groups working on digitisation, to tackle projects with high levels of technological development, and to integrate the results in the industrial sector.

The CSIC launches PTI+ Digital Science and Innovation

The platform groups its activity into the following 4 strategic areas and 2 transversal areas: Data Science, Sensors and integration of intelligent systems, Software and transversal tools, Digital Security, Open Science and Innovation. 

Each of these areas will have its own responsible staff and working groups; in addition the platform integrates infrastructures such as clean rooms and data processing centres (DPC).

Scientific and technical collaboration

The CSIC has human and technical resources covering different disciplines and scales of work with experience in new technological challenges. It also has unique research support infrastructures, and collaborates with local companies and actors, as well as with national and international public and private institutions, and is particularly active in scientific-technical collaboration within the framework of the European Union. This collaborative consortium is open to the entire CSIC research team as well as to companies or public institutions interested in the challenges it faces.

To participate, please visit the website and fill in a form. You can also find information on the objectives of the ITP, its thematic areas and the infrastructures available on the platform.

This initiative joins the network of existing ITPs on digitisation and future society such as Mobility2030, ES-Science, PAIS, MEDhis and Alcinder.

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