Teaching Materials

First steps on research:

Some educational slides where readers can learn about a sort of forward-looking researches developed by IFCA. It's free to use and highly suitable for high-school. 

Some facts about particle physics:
What is the Higgs Boson?;
What is the Large Hadron Colider (LHC)?
Some facts about cosmology:
What is a black hole?(slides)
Black holes video


Several webs to keep learning:

Recommended links to learn about avant-garde particle physics on an educational way.
Centro Nacional De Partículas, Astropartículas y Nuclear (CPAN)
CERN page
NASA page
European Space Agency page
European Southern Observatory page

IPPOG web page. European particle physics dissemination group belonging to CERN

It's a Highly recommended tools and articles collection to begin in particle physics.  It focuses on teach a wide assortment of students no matter age or starting level. It's possible to select the lector profile that articles are addressed to. It's also possible to ask for in person talks in case of being a school class. Ifca researcher Alberto Ruíz Jimeno cooperates with it.

Educational material for children:

Several games which are focused on help children to get close to physics. They are highly recommendable to use in primary school. It contains a hangman game and a sticker album.

Hangman game about physics​​

 IFCA Album and stickers​​​

Website resources for teachers:

CERN: cosmic rays, antimatter and cosmology

FERMILAB: Scholarships. General physics slides and other resources.

Directory which contains some particle physics websites links and explained to kids exercises

European Space Agency news explained for young students

Educational NASA programme


CERN Scientific dissemination account which informs about current researches.


Current events

Several educational activities which are currently being developed by IFCA around Santander. It contains some events feedback. It includes slides.
2016 Master classes(finished )​.

Finished events:
2013 Master classes

"You could be a scientist" Game show (finished)​:
This game show encourages people of all around Spain to record a physical experiment and share it on YouTube.

Game show rules, registration form and step by step guide to upload videos on YouTube can be found here.

Update: this is the winner's video. 


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