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Education and outreach

​Instituto de Física de Cantabria (CSIC-UC), aware of the need to create a social environment more conducive to science and innovation, organized various promotional activities with the aim of bringing the general public in their daily work of a research center, both its most striking as the most unknown.

Science is a tool that enables society to move continuously trying to improve the functioning of the world around us. Today no one is oblivious to the importance of the work of researchers, but society generally perceived as complex and far and in many cases it shows the enormous influence they have on our daily lives.

Betting on science and technology is essential for the advancement of modern societies. For this reason, citizens must know and understand what researchers are working and what is the real utility of this work. In this way, you get a more participatory science and form a critical mass consciousness with the need for investment in I+D+i.

The scientific outreach in the IFCA aims to bring the general public to science in a fun and rigorous at the same time, creating a channel of communication between scientists and ordinary citizens, thus making shorter the path that separates the two ones.

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