The next LiteBIRD-Europe consortium “Hands-On Meeting” is held in Santander from the 30 Sep to 2 Oct 2019

Start date: 30/09/2019 09:00 End date: 02/10/2019 17:00

​LiteBIRD (Lite satellite for the studies of B-mode polarization and Inflation from cosmic background Radiation Detection) is a JAXA’s (Japanese space agency) strategic large mission candidate in Phase-A1 (concept development).

LiteBIRD has the goal of being a very focused mission to test inflation with all-sky surveys of CMB polarization. Primordial gravitational waves, emitted during the cosmic inflation era (around 10–35 sec after the beginning of the Universe), are expected to be imprinted in the CMB polarization map as special patterns, called the “B-mode”.

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