International Linear Collider

The IFCA group is presently involved in the development of an energy-frontier electron positron collider. Various options are being considered:

  • The International Linear Collider (ILC, Japan)
  • The Compact Linear Collider (CLIC, CERN-Europe)


The ILC will reach an unprecedented level of precision in Higgs boson and top-quark physics. For many new physics processes its sensitivity reach will be competitive and complementary with that of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

We are presently involved in R&D for the pixel and strip semi-conductor detectors of  the tracker of ILC and CLIC


The IFCA phenomenology group, has been also  involved in the development of the physics case for future colliders since 2006, with contributions for the ILC and CLIC projects, on SM as well as on supersymmetry.


IFCA is also coordinating the Spanish Network for Future Accelerators with the goal to keep and consolidate the present Spanish effort to the research, physics studies and development of new accelerator and detector technologies to be used at the future Colliders.



Alberto Ruiz

David Moya

Francisco Javier Gonzalez

Marcos Fernandez


Ivan Vila

Richard Jaramillo

Sven Heinemeyer

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