[IFCA MdM Call]: "La Caixa"  Fellowship Programme INPHINIT 2020  

​​​​​"La Caixa" Fellowship Programme INPhINIT provides the possibility of developing top-class research studies in Centres of Excellence in Spain and Portugal, being IFCA, as a Unit of Excellence "Maria de Maeztu" one of the centres that could host such grants. The programme is open to young researchers of any nationality. The application deadline for the call is 4th February 2020.

IFCA has a large and well-known experience in the formation of early-stage researchers, and, in this call, it offers the ten following PhD projects:

==> "Search for Dark Matter: From the microelectronvolt to solar masses".

contact: José M. Diego (

==> "FPGA-accelerated deep learning"

contact: Álvaro López García (

==> "Deep Learning assistant for brain disease diagnosis"

contact: Lara LLoret Iglesias (

==> "Enhancing cyber-security through deep learning techniques"

contact: Álvaro López García (

==> "Cosmology with the SKA experiment"

contact: Patricio Vielva (

==> "Physics exploitation of high-energy proton-proton collision data recorded with the CMS experiment"

contact: Pablo Martínez del Árbol (

==> "Advanced Hybrid semiconductor sensors for the High-Luminosity upgrade of the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment"

contact: Iván Vila (

==> "Extreme sensitive detectors for Dark Matter searches and quantum imaging"

contact: Rocío Vilar (

==> "Advanced LIDAR systems based on Optical Frequency Combs and Chaotic Signals"

contact: Ana Quirce (

==> "Optical frequency combs for microwave and Terahertz applications"

contact: Ana Quirce (

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