Nonlinear Dynamics


We investigate nonlinear and stochastic phenomena in physical systems. Our approach is both theoretical/computational and experimental. Topics of our research include high-dimensional chaos, and effects of noise and fluctuations in physical systems. We are specially interested in generic properties of dynamical systems  where the (nonlinear) interaction between many degrees of freedom leads to complex collective behaviour. Our experimental research is focused on nonlinear effects in semiconductor lasers.


Our research is organized in two lines of research:

  • Nonequilibrium statistical physics and chaos: Nonlinear transport in many-body systems, instabilities and chaos in extended systems, surface growth, critical phenomena, and disordered systems
  • Photonics: Nonlinear behaviour of vertical-cavity surface-emitting semiconductor lasers (VCSELs), in particular when subject to optical injection or optical feedback. Our aim is to perform experimental and theoretical studies for applications in optical communication systems.




Group projects


Group Members MANUELLÓPEZMARTINlopez(AT)ifca.unican.es942202085011CSICNon-equilibrium Statistical Physics and Chaos;Dynamics and fluctuations in nonlinear systems49 PROFESSOR Statistical Physics and Chaos;Dynamics and fluctuations in nonlinear systems69 Y CAJAL PROFESSORÁLEZmailto:pesquerl@ifca.unican.es942201453004UCPhotonics;Dynamics and fluctuations in nonlinear systems71 PROFESSORÁNGELVALLEGUTIÉRREZmailto:valle@ifca.unican.es942201465010UCPhotonics;Dynamics and fluctuations in nonlinear systems83 PROFESSOR SERGIOWIOmailto:wio@ifca.unican.es942202089008UCNon-equilibrium Statistical Physics and Chaos;Dynamics and fluctuations in nonlinear systems88 PROFESSOR


Group Publications time X-ray, IR and radio observations of the tidal disruption event galaxy NGC 59052015-04-11T00:00:00.0000000ZAstrophysics and Space ScienceRaichur H. generation of microwave signals using a single-mode VCSEL subject to dual-beam orthogonal optical injection2015-02-01T00:00:00.0000000ZIEEE Photonics JournalPerez P. reservoir computing: Noise effects in a combined analog and digital implementation2015-02-01T00:00:00.0000000ZIEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning SystemsSoriano M.C.

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