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IFCA creates its Equality and Diversity Commission

July 20, 2020

Everyday situations that continue to affect women in their careers, such as the 'glass ceiling' or the 'sticky floor', are for IFCA team clear justifications for the implementation of this advisory body.

IFCA's Management, despite involvement of its members in Equality and Diversity policies, is aware that situations such as the 'glass ceiling' or the 'sticky floor', among others, that women continue to face in their professional careers, must be monitored for their correction and real improvement.

These reasons, together with the will to include the gender perspective in the daily development of scientific work of the Institute (covered by the María de Maeztu seal of excellence), and, in accordance with the next plans for its organization, have led to the creation of the 'Equality and Diversity Commission' of Instituto de Física de Cantabria.

This body will act as a consultative agent of Management and its work will consist of drawing up different specific lines of action such as, for example, studying and coordinating a diagnosis of the Institute's situation in terms of bias and discrimination, and implementing the appropriate measures to ensure the fulfilment of objectives set, as well as their subsequent monitoring. 

"Their work will consist of drawing up different specific lines of action, such as studying and coordinating a diagnosis of the Institute's situation in terms of bias and discrimination".

Another of the aims set out in the Commission's roadmap is the creation of mentoring programmes in which women leaders in their field. share their experience with IFCA staff, particularly with junior researchers. The aim of this specific action is to introduce women as decision-makers and creators and to give visibility to their perspectives based on their contributions to science.

Promote diversity

In addition to the work focused on equal opportunities between women and men, this commission will complete its work by safeguarding the rights of all persons in its field of work within the Institute, taking into account possible inequalities that may arise, trying to prevent future situations in the exercise of scientific profession and participating in initiatives that will attract diverse groups to continue doing science among all.

In this sense, the Institute has so far expressed its commitment to initiatives that call for respect for fundamental rights and public freedoms of any social group, as expressed last June 28, Pride Day 2020, claiming the presence in science of the group LGTBIQ + or the campaign broadcast on social networks under the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.

Therefore, the Equality and Diversity Commission of the IFCA joins recent initiatives that arise in our professional environment, such as that motivated by a group of fields of astrophysics and particle physics of the Institute of Space Sciences (ICE-CSIC), to think and raise common ideas on how to address in the world of the Spanish Academy issues of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI).

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